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Introducing our Mini Diffusers, the perfect solution for adding a touch of fragrance to small spaces such as cars and wardrobes. These powerful little diffusers provide 6 weeks of strong and lasting fragrance, ensuring that your space always smells fresh and inviting. Each diffuser comes in a high-quality, unique floral bottle with an individually designed fragrance label, adding a touch of elegance to any space. Don't let their small size fool you, these Mini Diffusers pack a powerful punch and are a must-have for any fragrance collection.

Mini Diffusers

VAT Included
  • Remove plastic cap and screw wooden lid back on.

    Tilt the bottle until you see the scent soaking into the wood. 

    Hang in your chosen location.

    Simply tip and tilt to refresh when required.

    Avoid skin contact with the scent. Wash hands after use. Keep away from pets and children. 

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